Sunday, 4 June 2017

New Paperback Edition of The Gary Numan Annotated Scrapbook

The paperback edition of the Gary Numan Scrapbook by Paul Sutton

I'm pleased that there is now a paperback version of my lovely big book about Gary Numan. Unlike the original hardback version, which was printed using traditional methods (hence the cost!), the paperback is digitally printed (which isn't as good) and is being distributed only through Amazon and the cowboy companies who list through Amazon.
In some ways it's better than the original edition. I've managed to find a few new things, such as a splendid article from Argentina which I've translated. To keep costs down I've had to reduce the size of several full-size pictures, and trim out a few things, but it does give a good account of the press of the early years of Gary Numan's career.

Here's a link: