Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Lemon Popsicle Book

I've joined forces with Britain's Lemon Popsicle expert, Roy Mitchell, to produce a lavish and unfortunately prohibitively expensive book about Golan and Globus's finest twenty hours, The Lemon Popsicle films, or Eis Am Stiel films if you live in Germany.

It's available on Amazon and should be orderable through bookshops. If you do buy it on-line, don't fall for the trap and pay even more for it by buying it through the Amazon subsidiary shops that have in stock but at a mark up. Amazon have it in stock themselves even if they claim it is 'currently out of stock'. Just add it to your basket, and enjoy it when it arrives.
There will hopefully be a paperback version later in the year, but the paperback will be printed digitally and will still cost about £30 or so, because Buffalo Books is probably the only publishing company in Britain that doesn't subsidise slave labour in China. All of their books are printed in Britain and the States.
Actually, if you want to save a bit of money on the book, you can buy them direct from me about about £42, which will include courier delivery.

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