Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Gary Numan Book

Partly in a successful effort to prove that I can produce books that don't cost huge amounts of money, I'm pleased to be able to say that you can buy a tiny thin paperback by me called 'Understanding Gary Numan'. It's on Amazon UK and Amazon USA. It should be orderable through bookshops and it is on kindle.
If you can't bear the thought of owning a book by Paul Sutton that doesn't cost a ridiculous amount of money, then take comfort in the fact that a very expensive (£55-£60, because it is printed in Britain) hardback book, Gary Numan, A Machine Quartet Scrapbook (1978-1981) will be published in late October 2016.
The paperback, 'Understanding Gary Numan', contains a 13,000 essay by me that gives a couple of hopefully good and interesting hours of reading. Or, and I've already used this joke more than once, if you read as quickly as I do it gives the reader four hours of reading. The essay is NOT in the scrapbook. The only place to read it is in the paperback or on kindle. It covers the Machine Music phase of Numan's career, from the Tubeway Army LP to Telekon; I take a close look at the early press attacks, and I write analytically about the first two John Peel Sessions, the Old Grey Whistle Test Appearance (Numan's first on television), his first Top of the Pops appearance (when he truly did give David Bowie and Roxy Music a beating), and several important songs, including Listen to the Sirens, Me I Disconnect From You, I Nearly Married a Human 2, Are 'Friends' Electric? and I Die You Die, with emphasis on the song's world premiere on the Kenny Everett Television Show.


Dorian Lewis said...

Hi Paul Loved Numan paperback (been waiting for something similar since '79!) .Is it possible to reserve/order the hardback edition? Best Wishes Dorian .

Paul Sutton said...

Dear Dorian, many thanks for your kind words. I too had waited years and years for someone with a bit of flair and imagination to write something serious and entertaining about Gary Numan. Then one day I woke up from a bad dream about Deliverance and I thought. "I'll write something down."
I will certainly reserve a copy of the new hardback book for you. The title and the cover were finally settled yesterday. It's now called 'Gary Numan, A Machine Quartet Scrapbook', which sounds dreadful. Still, it's quite a spectacle and has been 'Annotated' by me. The good news is that it will probably be £50 and not more, though I'll be able to sell them for about 20 percent off that price. It was going to the printers this week, but I stopped the presses when I managed to buy a French magazine advert for the Touring Principle concert in Paris. So when that arrives and gets put into the book, the printer's wheels can turn.
Additionally, the small paperback of Understanding Gary Numan is selling so well that I was asked to expand the final section for a hardback release of it. It is going to printers on Monday. Instead of containing two songs at the back, it now contains sixteen (from That's Too Bad to This Wreckage). For being the first person to post a nice comment (I did get a middling review by someone on Amazon that was honest enough but which, alas, killed the sales of the book for a few days), I will certainly be able to knock a third off the hardback version of Understanding Gary Numan if you are interested, but please don't feel obliged. Drop me an email via the address that's printed on the copyright page of the paperback, starting with camera and ending with hotm.